Windows Server 2012 and Flash Player

I am currently working on a project to replace a Windows 2003 Terminal Server system with a Windows Server 2012 based solution.  We’ve hit some issues with Flash player in IE, here’s what I found.

Internet Explorer 10 contains Flash Player built-in but to get it to work you have to enable the Desktop Experience (Features, User Interfaces and Infrastructure, Desktop Experience).

So you do that and try to access some flash content, fail!

So you Google it and discover that you have to add the site to the Trusted Sites zone.

You do that, it works 🙂

Then you think about it and realise that this is a completely unworkable solution, you can’t be adding EVERY site that uses flash to the Trusted Sites zone.

So I set about finding the differences between the settings within Trusted Sites and the Internet Zone default settings.  There where 31 differences.  You don’t need to know the in’s and out’s of my scientific research but I finally got there.  There are three setting that make it work.  They are:

  1. ActiveX controls and plug-ins\Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins = Enable
  2. ActiveX controls and plug-ins\Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting = Enabled
  3. Scripting\Active scripting = Enabled

I hope that this saves someone else the effort that I had to put it.



About this blog

The aim of this blog is to share little nuggets of technical information with the world. As an IT Engineer my first port of call when something goes wrong is an internet search engine, I type in the error, bang, up comes a list of possible solutions. This only works because others have bothered to share their experience of a problem and how they overcame that problem. So this is my attempt to give something back, if this blog helps one other IT Engineer, then it has done it’s job. It will also help me remember what the solution was (what was that thing I did? With the reg key? in 2006?).

Anyway, you get the idea!